Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Workshop - Wood Shop

Workshop, wood shop - what is the difference? Workshop is a better word but that name was already taken so I will have to get used to saying "I am going to my wood shop now."
I would love to show you my "wood shop" next but I have to clean it up before I take a picture. I will tell you about it though. We bought a house 2 yrs ago that was built in the 60s. The basement is a beautiful wood panelled room with an orange bar. It looks like a 60s party room in need of a 70s disco ball hanging from the centre. Instead it had orange and green streamers hanging from the ceiling to match the orange bar and fake green marble fireplace. Just lovely. So I turned the bar into my workshop. Now I can cut or glue or paint while the kids play. The bar is too high for them to reach anything and I keep the ironing board accross the entrance to keep them out! I love it. Here is a picture of the basement when we moved in.

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