Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Old Puzzles

When I first started. I experimented with two types of puzzles. One is the stand-up puzzles. The Noah's Ark set is from Scroll Saw Art Puzzles by Tony and June Burns and cut from 1" pine except the ark which is 2" spruce. The bunnies, elephant, and turtle are from Partick Spielman's Scroll Saw Puzzle Patterns and are cut from 2" spruce.

The other experiment I tried was the double layer tray puzzle. This is a fun puzzle where the egg, cocoon, and caterpillar are underneath the butterfly. I will definately try this again when I get around to designing some more patterns.


  1. omg, I totally LOVE the double-layer caterpilalr and butterfly puzzle - it is so awesome! I'm ordering one right now, so whenever you get around to trying them again, make one for me!

  2. Thanks! Sounds good. I will be making a few butterflies soon. I have had lots of requests!

  3. Karen this s like memory lane for me to. I forgot about the butterfly!