Thursday, March 4, 2010


Unfinished dinosaurs. Not "ooooh how natural they are unfinished" but rather I didn't sand them yet unfinished. Why is it I like to cut, paint and rub that silky beeswax over everything but sanding just doesn't interest me? Anyway, fun for the 2 year old twins if given only the three pieces of the one dinosaur and fun for the 4 year if given all 12 pcs at once!


  1. I love your stuff, Karen! So much cooler than my knitting and hair accessories! Woohoo! Check out our family blog at
    Hey, does your friend sell her doll sized cloth diapers? Grace is getting into changing her baby's diaper...

  2. Made in Canada (with love), no batteries required, and contains no harmful lead! Karen's toys can't be beat!!

  3. Mike, Those dinos are your futon reincarnated. I see many more futon slats turned dinosaurs in the near future. Ha. Thanks for the wood!

  4. Wow, Karen everything looks amazing! So glad you are able to show it off.