Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pretty In Pink Loves Canada

I have been featured in a treasury on etsy!  Check it out.  It is called Pretty In Pink Loves Canada.  There are many other beautiful items.  Link expires on Tuesday so go now!

I finally finished the teethers I started.  I will upload them to the shop some time today!  Happy Earth Day everyone!


  1. Ah! Exciting, Karen!! Your teethers are awesome. I want a bazillion of them to give as gifts. So... put me down for a bazillion, please. ;)

  2. If you have a bazillion babies, I will give them to you as baby gifts! Ah ha ha. You would never sleep again. Thanks for your compliment. I am particularily fond of this giraffe. I wonder... when I am feeling angry with the kids will it make me feel better to bite on this instead?.....